Noble Callista (Project Details & Prices)

If you thought this was just another luxury apartment, you’d be sorely mistaken. Noble Callista is a one-of-a-kind luxury apartment with construction technology that is truly new to this market, all clad in an utterly sleek and elegant exterior.

The buildings at Noble Callista feature something called Mivan Construction Technology, which uses aluminum prefabs to speed up construction, reduce human error and improve tolerances and reliability. This gives way to a rugged and industrial exterior that screams 20th Century minimalism.

Noble Callista is the place to put your money in if elegant and modern living is your cup of tea. These sleek apartments will serve as the perfect accompaniment to your sophisticated lifestyle.

Project Details For Noble Callista

Builder name: Noble Ventures

RERA number: PBRERA-SAS81-PR0748

Project site location: Sector 66 B, Chandigarh Int’l Airport Rd, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160062

Project status: Newly launched and under construction. Possession will start in March 2027.

Apartment availability at Noble Callista: 3 BHK, 4 BHK, and 5 BHK apartments are all on offer since the project is only newly launched and hasn’t been sold out yet.

Apartment size: The 3 BHK apartments measure 1,751 sq. ft., the 4 BHK measures 2,122 sq. ft., and the 5 BHK measures a little under 3000 sq. ft. at 2,968 sq. ft. These apartments are spacey enough for a family of four.

Estimated Emaar Mohali Hills price: The 3 BHK apartment is priced at 2.07 Crore INR. The 4 BHK and 5 BHK apartments are offered for 2.32 Crore INR and 3.65 Crore INR, respectively.

Project Details For Noble Callista

How Noble Callista Fits Your Classy Lifestyle

Everyone who dreams of owning their dream home also wants to see a reflection of themselves in it. The builders of Noble Callista have set their visions clear. They want these high-rise luxury apartments in Mohali to appeal to those wants an uber-cosmopolitan lifestyle in the heart of Tricity.

Here is just a brief rundown of our reasons why this property can be worth your money:

  • Apartment interiors curated for sleek functionality.
  • Strategic location in Sector 66, near the bustling cosmopolitan district of IT City.
  • Scenic views of surrounding nature and the cosmopolis from every apartment.
  • Extensive set of on-site amenities including a laundromat, exclusive swimming pool for women, solar lighting, sewage treatment, five club houses exclusive for residents, among others.
  • 3.5 Acres dedicated only for open green lawns.
  • Low density of apartments for greater quality of life.
  • All apartments feature central air conditioning.

Noble Callista Fits Your Classy Lifestyle

More About The Project

The interiors at Noble Callista are curated to match the first impressions of minimalism and modernism this property makes to the passing glance.

The apartments are adorned with a premium wall finish and top-of-the-class fittings. The carpet area of these apartments are quite high, which translates to a greater amount of usable living space.

Moreover, the site itself is beautifully laid out. The project will feature not just the residential towers (from A to H) but also retail spaces laid out like a shopping complex. All this makes Noble Callista truly noble and a cut above other luxury apartments in the area.

Noble Callista view

Floor Plans and Site Layout For Noble Callista

Moving on, let’s have a look at floor plans for the three types of apartments on offer at Noble Callista. The floor plans are shown for a typical floor cluster.

Here is the floor plan for the 3 BHK luxury apartments.

3bhk Noble Callista

The following is the floor plan for the 4 BHK apartments.

4+1 bhk Noble Callista

Finally, here’s the floor plan for the biggest apartment, the 5 BHK, on offer.

5+1 bhk Noble Callista

To give you a better mental picture of what the finished project will look like, here is the overall site layout map. It shows the residential towers, main clubhouse retail spaces and green areas.

Noble Callista project

Contact Details and Final Words

Like what you have seen so far? You can go ahead and ring up their office at +91 8699219788 to proceed further. You may address all your queries about apartment availability and pricing to this official number.

While the project is still a long while from completion, the builders are reputed in the region with lots of timely deliveries. So concerns about the builder should not be a problem. The IT City neighborhood in Sector 66 is upscale and unlikely to be the subject of neglect by municipal authorities. Water and power supply as well as flash flood systems should function mostly fine.

All in all, we think Noble Callista is a worthwhile investment for what it offers. The site is well-planned and, if all is executed properly, should offer you a good bang for the buck for a high-end living experience under the 3 Crore INR price category.

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