AN Sivanta Greens EXT-2: Luxury Homes in Sec 85, Mohali

AN Sivanta Greens Ext-2 is an upcoming residential project in Sector 85, Mohali. This property offers spacious apartments spanning across 0.48 acres to potential homebuyers. The available configurations include 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments. Located in B Block, Wave Estate, Sector 85 Mohali, the project enjoys a convenient and sought-after location.

Prospective buyers can choose 40 units for sale, providing ample options to cater to their specific requirements. The property is under construction, indicating the development is ongoing. One wing of the building is finished, and the units are now available for possession.

AN Builders are the developers behind this project, ensuring quality construction and attention to detail. With its strategic location, spacious apartments, and ongoing development, it presents a promising opportunity for individuals and families seeking a new home in Mohali.

Builder- AN Builders

Site Location- Sec-85, Mohali.

Type of Project- Residential

RERA number- PBRERA-SAS81-PR0648

Apartments at AN Sivanta Greens Ext-2

    • 3 BHK- 1132 sq. ft.
    • 4 BHK- 1343 sq. ft.

We recommend contacting the project’s executives in Mohali for detailed pricing information. Feel free to contact the concerned team. They’ll be more than happy to assist you.


AN Sivanta Greens Ext 2

It is a residential project in Sector 85, Mohali. It offers a total of 40 apartments. The date for the project is August 2023. Developed by AN Builders, this project provides a range of apartment configurations. 

It is designed to cater to individuals and families seeking a comfortable and modern living space. With its convenient location and well-planned amenities, AN Sivanta Greens Ext-2 presents an attractive opportunity for those looking to own a home in Mohali.

Amenities in AN Sivanta Greens Ext-2

AN Sivanta Greens has various amenities to enhance the residents’ living experience. The project offers designated car parking facilities, ensuring secure parking for residents. There is a dedicated children’s play area for the little ones to engage in outdoor activities and have fun.

Residents can enjoy the benefits of a well-appointed clubhouse, providing a space for social gatherings and community events. The project is designed as a gated community, ensuring privacy and security for the residents.

Fitness enthusiasts can use the gymnasium to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The presence of a library offers a quiet and peaceful space for book lovers to indulge in their reading interests.

Lifts are available in the building, providing easy accessibility for residents of all ages. With a power backup system, residents can rest assured that essential services will continue uninterrupted during power outages.

AN Sivanta Greens Ext-2 also features a swimming pool, offering a refreshing retreat for residents to relax and rejuvenate. There is a dedicated yoga and meditation area for those seeking inner peace and tranquillity.

A multipurpose recreational hall caters to the diverse recreational needs of the residents. A tennis court is also available for sports enthusiasts to enjoy a friendly game.

Facilities at AN Sivanta Greens Ext 2

Apartment Specifications

Doors and walls: AN Sivanta Greens boasts specific features and specifications contributing to its overall quality and aesthetic appeal. The internal doors of the apartments are made of sturdy wooden frames, ensuring durability and a classic touch to the interiors. 

The walls within the apartments are adorned with plastic emulsion paint, providing a smooth and elegant finish to the interior spaces. This choice of paint enhances the overall aesthetics and offers a clean and visually pleasing ambiance.

Dado work with ceramic tiles adds a touch of style and ensures easy maintenance and hygiene. The ceramic tiles provide a protective layer, making them resistant to moisture and easy to clean, thus maintaining a fresh and clean look in the bathrooms.

The kitchen backsplash area is also adorned with ceramic tiles, which add a decorative element and serve a functional purpose. The ceramic tiles in the kitchen make it easier to clean and maintain, offering a practical and visually appealing space for cooking and food preparation.

Flooring and Fittings- AN Sivanta Greens Ext-2 offers a range of specifications that enhance the functionality and visual appeal of the living spaces. The flooring in the toilets has anti-skid ceramic tiles, ensuring safety and preventing accidents due to slippery surfaces. 

The bedrooms feature vitrified tile flooring, adding a touch of elegance and durability to the spaces. Even the living/dining area is adorned with vitrified tiles, creating a seamless and aesthetically pleasing flow between these spaces. 

The master bedroom has vitrified tiles, providing a luxurious and sophisticated touch. The kitchen has a modular setup, offering convenience, storage options, and a modern look to the culinary space.

About location

Sector 85 in Mohali has become a sought-after destination for residents seeking a convenient and luxurious lifestyle. The upcoming properties in Sector 85 Mohali are gaining popularity due to the area’s well-developed infrastructure and accessible transportation options. The sector is bounded by various localities like Sohana, Manak Majra, Darshan Vihar, and Kumbra.

The locality enjoys excellent connectivity to the airport, roads, and train lines, making commuting hassle-free. Industrial Area, Phase 1, is situated at a distance of 13 km, which can be reached via Chandi Path. The presence of renowned educational institutions like the (ISB) Indian School of Business, BSH Arya Senior Secondary School, Rattan College of Nursing, and Administrative Block, along with the London School of English, attracts students and scholars.

Location Map of AN Sivanta Greens Ext 2


AN Sivanta Greens Ext-2 in Sector 85, offers a promising opportunity for individuals and families seeking a new home in Mohali Tricity. With its spacious apartments, convenient location, and ongoing development, this residential project by AN Builders aims to provide a comfortable and modern living experience.

The specifications, such as wooden frame doors, ceramic tiles in toilets and kitchen, and vitrified tiles flooring, add to the apartments’ overall quality and aesthetic appeal. Sector 85 Mohali, known for its connectivity, infrastructure, and educational institutions, has emerged as a desirable location for residents. 

To explore the properties and availabilities, contact their sales team. They’ll be more than happy to help you.

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